Head-Banner-Home1 Authentic Taste Original flavor Incepted in 2017 in Mumbai, Beyond Water is an alcohol distribution company that brings premium and well as entry-level alcohol brands from around the world for distribution. With its presence in global locations including but not limited to India, Middle East, Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus, the company is in a fast-track expansion phase acquiring more brands as you read this. An unparalleled commitment and passion to create and unveil authentic brands as well as to source and introduce indigenous beverages from across the globe keep the dedicated team at Beyond Water ticking every day and night. explore jj Original Timeless Flavor Presenting you best quality Russian Vodka produced from the impeccably pure artesan water and distilled to offer you the safest drink. THE PRODUCT
40% ABV
5 Times Distilled
500 ML availability
v o d k a Balanced
Unique Ice
Head-Banner-Home3 Original Timeless Flavor The Queen Gin was created in tribute to the times of great men and women who made history. A bold harmony of intense flavours, delivering an exceptionally fresh classic taste. We are happy to introduce the classic White Queen gin and the unique rose petal-infused Rose Queen gin. THE PRODUCT
40% ABV
4 Number of Flavours
500 ML availability
G i n Botanically
but Smooth
for Cocktails
Head-Banner-Home4 Original Timeless Flavor Campbeltown may be the smallest 'whisky region', but it’s certainly the whiskiest. For there was a time when whisky virtually coursed through the streets of the town… with a distillery on every corner, nigh on every inhabitant involved in its creation and boats queuing in the port to carry off casks. That’s why we say Glen Scotia is whisky from the whiskiest place in the world. THE PRODUCT
40% Starting ABV
70 Starting CL availability
19th Century Heritage
W H I S K E Y ESTD. 1832 Smooth &
Head-Banner-Home5 Flavors Our products B E E R pils bio This thirst-quencher has a malty taste that is followed by touches of bitter hops that don’t linger overlong and do not descend into tartness. Blanche This beer’s velvety-smooth aroma introduces pleasant flavours of hops and wood. In the finish you will taste a subtle bitterness with smoky impressions and a hint of alcohol. read more read more la divine An amazing thirst-quencher. Its refreshing taste will surprise you with its hints of coriander followed by the subtle citrus touches of dried orange peel. read more view all Head-Banner-Home6 Original Timeless Flavor Introducing to you the finest French wine – Pere Ventura. Acknowledging, the significance of creating memories and coming together. This family-based PERE VENTURA FAMILY WINE ESTATE produces and markets its own wines and cavas, which are known worldwide for their great quality and prestige. The estate is well known worldwide for its great quality, taste, and authenticity. THE PRODUCT
12% Starting ABV
70 Starting CL availability
20th Century Heritage
W I N E Very Wide
They said


This firm is so classy and presents a diverse array of drinks, cigarettes, and other related products. The collection is just phenomenal!! I’ve never had so much fun selecting and tasting brands that were so smooth and high-end. They are doing things in our industry that is sorely lacking and their touch of excellence is one of a kind! Best of Luck to Beyond Water considering the ambitious expansion plans they have put forth.

Barbara Walters

Just AMAZING! We’ve been talking to many wholesalers over for years (having tried nearly 150+). This place is hands-down in the top 5 we’ve had discussions with and definitely, the BEST when it comes to amazing service and substantial value-creation. A really good partner to have especially considering the direct involvement of Mr. Lakshhya Baid, the MD himself, who is highly responsive, professional, and enjoyable to work with.

J. C.

Beyond Water is a superbly proactive and reliable solution provider that brings a great deal of professionalism and know-how to wholesale, as well as retail engagement operations. I am so happy that they support emerging and established alcoholic beverage brands. Their team helps us to navigate through the complex compliance and logistic system at a very competitive price. They are a great asset for our growth while opening new markets across the globe.

Sam Bandi

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