About us
Incepted in 2017 in Mumbai, Beyond Water, a brainchild of Mr. Lakshhya Baid, is an alcohol distribution company that brings premium and well as entry-level alcohol brands from around the world for distribution. With its presence in global locations including but not limited to India, Middle East, Russia, USA, Thailand, Sri Lanka, the company is in a fast-track expansion phase acquiring more brands as you read this. An unparalleled commitment and passion to create and unveil authentic brands as well as to source and introduce indigenous beverages from across the globe keep the dedicated team at Beyond Water ticking every day and night.
As an exclusive distributor of Russian and French Vodka, Rum, Gin, Beer, Tequila, and other brands of alcohol as well as cigarettes, energy drinks, and much more, the firm caters to the requirements of all valued partners and associates. We have also adopted a unique distribution policy where we operate as a concentric circular grid where everything is centered on the needs and preferences of our partners, thus facilitating the best distribution framework and customer service always. Beyond Water is Innovative, Progressive, as well as Forward Thinking in its approach to supporting producers and retailers. Our aim is to bring the best brands at competitive wholesale prices.


The chief reason behind the inception of the business is to bring top-notch and venerated brands of alcohol for consumption to our patrons responsibly. We, as a distribution company, have gone to great lengths to choose some of the impeccable and unique brands such as Versace, Mont Blac, Glen Scotia, AMG, Gucci, Paper Lantern Gin, Pere Venture, Queen, Belgica, Mamont, and others for our clients. We also are looking to add more such exclusive brands of alcohol to our fold so that we can further bring excitement and more vigor to your leisure times, celebrations, and evenings.
We are honered to also associate with some of the most celebrated alcohol brands in the world and retail chains in Russia, USA, India, and the Middle East for a unique distribution system that puts the needs of the clients and our distributions partners at the forefront.


Our mission is to combine effective alcohol distribution values and techniques to ensure that our channel partners and valuable patrons are endowed with our preferred brands of alcohol as they need them.



Our vision is to become the most preferred alcohol exclusive distributor in diverse, chosen markets by bringing premium and impeccably brewed alcohol labels from renowned brands from diverse parts of the world to add matchless spirit and flavor to your leisure times.


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