Every Silly brewer is driven every single day by a passion for quality. They take turns to taste the beers to ensure they meet the highest standards. At every brewing stage, the brewery lab carries out physical, chemical and microbiological tests to ensure the beer is the best it can be.


Pils Bio

Silly Pils Bio is smoother than "Silly Pils" after a very refreshing appetizer, it leaves a dense and tasty malty taste on the aftertaste which "recalls" its initial lightness. It is an Organic Pilsener type low fermentation beer.



Silly Pils Blanche has a very fresh flavor in which the coriander effectively plays its thirst-quenching role. The tasting continues with a great thrill due to the dried orange peel. Silly Blanche is a white top fermentation beer.



Silly La Divine is a triple type top fermentation beer. Its soft and velvety aroma leads us to a pleasantly hoppy and woody flavor. It releases a very fine bitter or even smoky and alcoholic taste in the back of the mouth.



Silly Season is a seasonal high fermentation beer. Its taste is remarkable, light and advantageously combined in a tone that is both modestly sweet and fruity, leaving in the mouth a refreshing impression as we want more.



Silly Enghien brown is a regional high fermentation beer. Its aroma is unique and this is due to a rather exceptional mix of malts. Its taste is a delight to the palate as to the nose and it leaves an unforgettable memory.



Brewed in the kingdom of beer, this Belgium beer is developed with unique strategy based on flexibility. Introducing to you the famous & rich in taste, beer experience that would surprise you with its great characteristics and wide selected variety. Belgica beers are a eclectic mix of natural flavours that render it exquisite aroma and splendid taste. The natural flavours are rendered from cereals and spices that constitute the drinks. The percentages of alcohol in all the beer variations are within 10 percent.



A beer of high drinkability with having a smooth effect on the palate with body, it has nice notes of citrus (orange, mandarin). It accompanies with success salads, asparagus, white fish or ice cream. It also goes well with fruit and light cheeses. This Blonde of high fermentation is refermented in bottle with an alcohol content of 6.2°. This Belgica is slightly cloudy with a beautiful dense feel and persistent white foam. It has a citrus yeast note with slightly spicy notes (coriander) and has a very refreshing but light bitterness.



Another Bronze winner at the World Beer Awards, this generous Belgica Triple beer develops throughout the mouth. It is round, slightly creamy and is admirably served by its sweetness. It can be enjoyed as an aperitif, at the end of the day or with a piece of creamy or hard cheese. This is a triple beer of high fermentation, refermented in bottle with an alcohol content of 8.5°. Being slightly cloudy blonde with a beautiful dense and persistent white foam it gives a mouth-feel of light gingerbread and a taste of malted notes with floral keys that are warm and soft.


Craft ipa

Another successful and recent imported beer style is India Pale Ale (IPA), which originated in England, crossed the ocean to the USA and has been embraced by Belgian brewers. IPA beers have a high hop content and tend to be quite heavy. This unique product from the kingdom of beer, the Craft IPA with a 5% ABV has a thick white head and is a hazy golden pour. It is still an easy drinking beer with distinguished taste.



Belgica Brune was awarded a Belgium Bronze at the World Beer Awards. A little dry in the mouth, she asserts her character. Having caramelized notes with very light coffee hint, it marries superbly with grilled meats, salted meats or a hard cheese. This brown beer is of high fermentation and is refermented in bottle having alcohol content of 7.7 °. It is a beautiful dense and persistent foam having copper reflections. With a soothing smell of toast Candied red fruits and a welcoming taste analysis of caramelized notes and a roasted key with light bitterness, it is a must try


Pale ale

One of the factors that can keep drinkers away from Belgian beers is their higher ABV. To offer a respite from the boozy triples and quads, Belgica has brewed its pale ale with less than 5% ABV. It is a must have in your armoury of beers. To learn more about this you can contact us at Beyond Water.


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